Spectrum Technologies, Aurura, IL (www.specmeters.com)

Although this company has been in business 25 years with 15,000 customers their first internet based solution is just becoming available in 2014, Q4.  But they bring to it an extensive background in stand-alone logging of high-end environmental, integrated pest management (IPM), nutrient management and irrigation measurement and monitoring.  The general website, print catalog and support options are good.

The internet based Watchdog Retriever & Pups Wireless Sensor Network consists of a "retriever" (gateway) ($595) which has cellular and WiFi options to connect to the internet (($500 - $1,000).  The retriever receives information from one or more sensor sets ("pups") in the field ($450 - $500) which allow a weather station or up to four sensors to be plugged into them.  Ag sensors include temperature, humidity, soil moisture,  weather stations (wind, rain), light, and UV.  The radio ranges seem to be long, up to 2 km but I haven't been able to get details.

IPM offerings include fifteen plant disease forecast models, insect modeling software and degree-day recorders and software.

I have not tested these.  As of December, 2014 information on the Watchdog system on their website is minimal.  But this is a company to watch as their internet wireless network matures if especially if you are interested in IPM.