Solar Radiation Shields

Unfortunately neither Monnit or NHR provide any kind of solar shield to use for their temperatures sensors when placed in the sun.  We have found this $7 shield to be useful in cold temperatures and also in the heat but there needs to be good air flow or the sensor it contains can register a few degrees higher than actual.  Their $40 shield is also available.  Both require some creativity to mount the Monnit and NHR sensors in them.

Remote Power

In six months of tests we have found the $65 UPG deep cycle battery and Instapark 15 watt solar panel with charge controller enough to power the Monnit cellular gateway and comparable gateways.  The panel can be mounted on a piece of EMT electrical conduit with U-bolts in a piece of plywood.  This mounting kit makes it easier but requires drilling a few holes.  See an example using these components in the Provider Farm Low Tunnel case study

AC Power for Monnit Commercial AA and Industrial Sensors

These sensors use two 1.5 V AA batteries or one 3 V AA battery.  If you need a rapid reporting frequency (like 5 minutes) and don't want to have to replace batteries, we have found an easy way to power them from a standard electrical outlet with this $7 external 3 V AC Adapter replacing the batteries with this clever $5 Hotwire battery substitute adapter from BatSub as in this picture:  The adapters connector exactly fits the Hotwire's input plug.