Rainwise Inc., Bar Harbor, ME (http://www.rainwise.com)

Rainwise, another New England company, is a medium size, employee-owned company manufacturing meteorological equipment and is the official weather station authorized by NEWA the Cornell hosted Network for Environment and Weather Applications which provides weather data and pest forecasts to farmers in New England. See http://newa.cornell.edu/

Rainwise has 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz options and with ethernet, cellular and satellite gateways. Their NEWA package "AgroMET (MKlll-SP1-LR)" costs $1,890 and includes sensors for temperature, leaf wetness, relative humidity, precipitation, solar radiation, wind speed and direction. There is a cloud based option but no alerting capability and only the listed sensors can be used with it.

If you want to participate in NEWA or just want a single, very good weather station with the other sensors listed then Rainwise may be worth considering. 

We have not acquired or tested this station but it is in use by many farms throughout New England.  Mojyle working with Databasics has developed a lower cost version of the AgroMET station which allows other sensors in the vicinity to use it as a gateway and provides alerts and a local portal.  However, at the present time this option cannot contribute data to NEWA.  Databasics will be exploring this possibility in the future.