Other Vendors That Wwe Have Not Tested

Temperature Alert is a Verizon partner and has USB, WiFi and Verizon Cellular based gateways.  The battery powered temperature sensor is comparable in price to the Monnit Industrial unit.

Greenhouse Monitoring Grant Project

We should mention another SARE Farmer Grant project that was funded at the same time as our grant project and developed a guide for building a cellular based temperature sensor for $127 in materials!  The objective of the project was to "create and field test a farmer-built electronic tool that can monitor greenhouse temperature, record greenhouse data, and alert the farmer to problems in the greenhouse via cell phone text message."  The full instructions are at http://www.farmhack.net/tools/fido-greenhouse-monitoring-text-message-alerts.

Since then Louis Thiery, the technical person on the project, has conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign to take the project to the next level renaming it Apitronics.  We look forward to testing the resulting new equipment.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture vendors especially tractor and equipment suppliers are in the news a lot lately.  These companies work primarily with mono-culture growers in the midwest and west that need to guide tractors and map the fertility and treatment of their fields.  Check out http://www.precisionag.com for more information.

Irrigation Management

Irrigation management sensors are also big especially in large greenhouse operations.  Check out http://smart-farms.net for sensor based irrigation monitoring and control project for commercial greenhouses and nurseries in Georgia

https://edyn.com, a KickStarter funded startup, has a solar powered, WiFi based sensor to monitor light, soil temp, moisture, and nutrition .  I have ordered one or testing.

Also MorphH2O at http://www.morph2o.com has sensor based water management systems with a web application.

McCrometer at http://www.mccrometerconnect.com/ is a specialist in irrigation flow management. 

Environmental Sensors Inc., at http://www.esica.com/ have very long range options for water management.

Vineyard/Orchard Management

Vineyard Management is the next big farming area to use sensors.  A new company in California, Fruition Sciences (http://www.fruitionsciences.com) helps "winemakers and grape-growers to monitor their vines in order to optimize quality and yield through irrigation."

Semios (www.semios.com) is a new Canadian company specializing in orchards, but as of 11/2014 no products are available yet when I contacted them.  Will be a company to watch.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

SkyBit, Inc. (www.skybit.com) specializes in the development of site-specific insect and disease products for various crops. SkyBit provides weather products for agriculture, energy, and other industries. Through its E-Weather Service™ and research programs, SkyBit can provide custom data sets for weather-dependent decisions delivered to your inbox or fax machine daily.