Branching out from its roots in security system NHR (Nietzsche Enterprise) this company has recently overhauled its temperature and humidity sensors to include external sensor probes and antennas making them much more versatile for a farm for example for use in metal enclosed walk-in coolers.  They have also recently added leaf wetness and soil moisture sensors and an "actuator" that you can use to turn on/off electric appliances up to 16 amps.  NHR uses the 2.4 GHz and a "Zigbee" protocol which provides radio ranges of about 1,500 feet.

Using Mojyle's solution NHR sensors can be combined with Monnit to provide short and long range sensors into a single gateway.  NHR equipment can be used stand-alone but we find the Mojyle multi-vendor approach handles more diverse situations and is more customizable..