Mounting Industrial Sensors in Solar Radiation Shields

Supplies needed:

Solar Radiation Shield—Unfortunately Monnit doesn’t sell any sun shields for their sensors.  It your sensor will be exposed to the sun it must be shielded to provide accurate readings.  This shield from Ambient Weather in Phoenix is the best solution I have found.  Order one for each sensor you need to shield.


Vinyl Coated Wire (20 inches per sensor)—The best wire is garden “training wire” but any non-rusting wire will do; Home Depot sells it in the garden department from Vigoro or get it from by searching for “gardener's training wire”.



Rope or cord to hang in shield in greenhouse--Just about any kind of cord will do to hang the shield over a truss or hoop in the greenhouse.  Be sure to use enough so you can adjust the height.

Conduit Hanger for post mount--Use this to easily mount the shield on a tomato stake or other post in the field.  At Home Depot, Lowes or electrical supply store get a #5 Conduit Hanger which is about 2 1/4 in in diameter.  


Screw Eye for hanging shield--Buy a screw eye like this one to screw into the top of the shield.  One with the outside diameter of the ring about 3/4 inc is about right.



1.  Drill a hole big enough for the screw eye in the top of the shield then screw the screw eye in.

2. Drill two 1/8 in holes on opposite sides of the lowest fin on the shield.  Insert the sensor probe into the shield, doubling it up if it is too long, then use two 5 inch pieces of wire to wire the sensor body mounting holes to the holes in the shield as shown below.  The sensor antenna should be pointing down and ALWAYS BE VERTICAL.


The final assembly looks like this:


3. Use a piece of rope or cord through the screw eye to hang the shield and sensor assembly in the greenhouse.

4. To mount on a post in the field use a #5 conduit hanger, remove the bolt and spread the hanger sides apart and press the shield into the hanger to fit snugly.  For extra security add a piece of wire the two sides of the hanger together as shown below  Use a screw through the hole in the hanger to attach it to a post.  ALWAYS KEEP THE SENSOR ANTENNA VERTICAL.