Monnit Corporation, Kaysville, UT (

Monnit has been in the sensor business as Monnit since 2007, has 11 employees and bills itself as "the leader in low cost wireless sensors".  It manufactures its own gateways, routers and sensors, and provides cloud based software to manage sensors, display readings and send instant message and email alerts. The sensors have published ranges of about 250-300 ft, the Industrial has a range of about 300-350 ft non-line-of-sight.  The main agriculture related sensors are temperature, humidity and light on/off, water presence/absence, and tank level.  One version of the temperature sensor includes a probe to which silicone caulk can be added so that it can be used for soil temperature. 

The company has an excellent website which lists all prices, a rarity in the sensor world.  It has a chat line for support, much good documentation, a monthly newsletter and a nice “three-ring rule” which means that “when you call Monnit, the phone will not ring more than three times before a live person answers the phone”.  Our five or six calls to the company were indeed answered within three rings.  We ordered an Ethernet gateway and two sensors for testing and received a call to make sure the shipment was OK and to see if we had any questions.  

You may view a demo of the Monnit Online Wireless Sensors Portal software logging in with user: “guest”, password: “guest100”.  

If the 300 ft radio range and company portal is acceptable then you could implement a Monnit-only solution.  However, working with Mojyle we have found allows you to use Monnit along with NHR, 1-Wire and other vendors, thus providing greater range and versatility.