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Mojyle, in business since 2010, is a wireless sensor consulting company integrating common off-the-shelf types of sensors and uplinks both wired and wireless including the equipment from Monnit Corporation (above).   Their “mix-and-match” solution works well for farms because of the diversity of deployment scenarios farms present.  They offer the widest variety of farm useful sensors including weather stations, leaf wetness and soil moisture as well as the standard temperature and humidity sensors among others.  In addition to Monnit they integrate XBEE, USB and serial devices, ZWave,  1-Wire and other proprietary and standards based sensors.   The approach allows for cost savings when less expensive sensors such as 1-wire can be used.   Mojyle iMonkit can also provide "controls" based on the predefined thresholds.   Relays, Digital and Analog I/Os and other types of devices can be integrated based on the customer requirements.

Mojyle offers an online portal to the users for tracking, trending, analysis, reporting and notifications based on the predefined triggers. The portal can be customized based on the end user needs.  Mojyle iMonkit can use Ethernet, Cellular or Wi-Fi in a modular way to upload the data to the Mojyle portal. The data can also be stored locally on the iMonkit before pushing it to the portal. 

The company is rapidly expanding into the low-cost farm sensors business but has extensive experience providing sensors for two other industries.  It currently tracks more than five thousand sensors for temperature, and flow monitoring using a variety of wireless sensors deployed in hundreds of apartment buildings and restaurant cold storage facilities. Mojyle's online portal holds millions of data points from these sensors and enables tracking, trending, notifications, reporting, and analysis and customized billing capabilities.

Mojyle has assembled some readily available components to expand upon the Monnit offerings to provide a more capable gateway the iMonKit for $200 that can communicate with the farm router via WiFi or Ethernet cable, or with the Internet via cellular or satellite.  It also includes two USB ports to which “1-wire” sensors can be connected.  These are very low cost ($15 to $20) sensors that are connected  by standard LAN network cable in daisy chain style which can reduce the cost of a sensor installation significantly when multiple sensors are required.  The lower cost iMonKit Mini for $150 can serve as an Ethernet or WiFi gateway or router and also includes two USB ports.  To these you must add a USB dongle for 1-Wire USB  ($25) or for Monnit sensors ($50).

For distributed deployment model, Mojyle offers the ability to interconnect multiple kits using Xbee links. This enabls an iMonkit-Cluster. Only one of the iMonkit from the cluster need to have Cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet uplinks. This saves recurring cost for any combination of distributed deployment spread over a few miles (depending on the Xbee modules ranges).

The company has stated that it plans to customize their portal to include integrated pest management (IPM) and other farm related features working closely with farm based users and researchers. 

A demo for the Mojyle portal can be arranged by sending an email to  Also see the Demos/Case Studies for example farms using the Mojyle portal.

As with the Monnit equipment Larry Manire of Databasics (see the Databasics entry) is currently testing Mojyle solutions at Provider Farm in Salem, CT.