Larry Manire, Databasics, Coventry, RI

Larry Manire was Technical Manager for the SARE Farmer Grant that from which this website resulted.  He has been an independent computer consultant for 34 years and has 450years’ experience with computer programming, database management and geographic information systems.  For the past eight years he has provided volunteer maintenance and repair services at two vegetable farms Brookfield Farm, Amherst, MA and Provider Farm, Salem, CT (his daughter’s farm). 

For the past two years partly through the grant project he has specialized in wireless sensor networks for farms.  For the grant project he deployed and managed five sensor gateways and over 45 wireless sensors measuring temperature, humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture and leaf wetness in fields, greenhouses and storage facilities.  

He continues to test and evaluate sensors and update this website.  For demonstration and testing as well as farmer use he is deploying a variety of gateways and sensors at his daughter and son-in-law's farm Provider Farm (see Demos/Case Studies for a link to view the sensor readings.)   He prefers to assist you via online meetings and phone calls at little to no cost or is available as an on-site consultant at $50/hr plus 1/2 travel time to assist in selecting and deploying wireless sensors.  Mr. Manire maintains a test kit of key gateways and sensors for use in verifying a wireless design on a farm before equipment is purchased.  He may be contacted at, cell phone (401) 952-8148.

Chris Callahan, University of Vermont

Chris is the Extension Agricultural Engineer at the University of Vermont. His work focuses on enhancing Vermont's Food Systems supporting the analysis, design, evaluation and adoption of infrastructure and equipment that meets the needs of relatively small-scale food producers and processors. This includes remote monitoring and data collection systems for cool and cold storage and food processing applications. Chris enjoys working closely with farmers and others on multi-disciplinary projects that deliver practical, cost effective, safe and sustainable results.   He may be contacted at