AvidWireless, Bedford, TX (http://www.avidwireless.com)

Avid has been in the wireless sensor business for 14 years, has about 15 employees and provides solutions "for oil and gas, generator and water monitoring, agriculture and GPS based tracking".  They manufacture their own gateways, routers and sensors, and provide a rich cloud based software to set sensor alerts and display readings.  The gateways use the cell phone network or the Iridium satellite network.  The cloud software costs about $200 per year.  Cellular or satellite data plans can run $200 to $400 year depending on data volume.  Sensors run $99 to $350.  The main agriculture related sensors are temperature, humidity and tank level.  A unique offering is their Intelligent Tracking which allows you to attach a GPS unit to a vehicle or even a cow and track them on a map in real time on your smart phone or computer.

The demo portal can be accessed at www.AVIDdashboard.com; login and password are demo3.

We have not acquired or tested this equipment.  There is no pricing information on their website.